the 219

the 219

the 219
jcp Shirt | F21 Vest (similar) | Express Jeans (similar) | Report Booties (similar) | Michael Kors Purse | Fossil Watch | Nicole by Nicole Miller Bracelet | Loft Necklaces 

Fall in the Midwest is very temperamental. It snowed on Monday and dropped into the teens at night, but was 65 degrees and rainy today. At this point, I’d rather it just get cold and snow. (I’ll most likely wish I didn’t say this when it actually does snow again, which will probably be sometime this week!) The wind was ridiculous today, and I made the poor choice to wear my hair down today, so that’s why my face is not making an appearance in this post!

The weather did cooperate long enough to snap a couple pictures of my outfit today. We had strong storms and tornadoes all around us, but fortunately it cleared up just before the sun began to set. My friend and I had plans to go to the gym and make DIY projects this afternoon, but we only had time for lunch before we had to head home before the storm hit. So naturally I spent my afternoon scanning Pinterest for the perfect DIY projects for us to make next weekend, which I can’t wait to share on here!


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