Little Black Dress

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Solemio Dress | Cosmopolitan Heels (similar here & here) | Call It Spring Clutch (similar here)

Repeat after me: do not take pictures at sunset! I had about 50 photos taken, and only 4 (above) kind of worked. My camera was really confused by the lighting and didn’t know what to do, and most of my pictures turned out to be very blurry. I am still exploring my camera and don’t quite know how to use it, so I’m sure that had something to do with it too.

I bought this dress last year when I was in college and I never really had a reason to wear it. I’m so glad I was finally able to dig it out of my closet and put it to good use last night. It’s so comfortable and fun to wear – it’s made out of that stretchy scuba material, so it’s not clingy or stiff whatsoever! I love the laser cut outs and the faux leather details on the shoulders. The low back is also really great (it’s a lot lower than it looks – I had to wear a bandeau to cover up my bra, so it looks a lot higher than it really is!)


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