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Joe Fresh Tee | Allen B. Vest | i Jeans By Buffalo Leggings | Cosmopolitan Wedges (old) | H&M Scarf (old) | Club Monaco Clutch (old) | Fossil Watch | F21 Bracelets | Vogue Sunglasses | “Teal We Meet Again” OPI Nailpolish | Reaper by Emily Goodwin

Fridays are half days at the office, so I took advantage of the “casualness” of today and wore a comfortable outfit. I recently wore this (with my favorite flats and a topknot) on a 4 hour flight from Chicago to San Diego, and I’ve been anxious to wear it again! I just love how adding heals and keeping my hair down makes it feel less “sleepy” and more appropriate for a casual day at the office.

If you’re a book lover and are always looking for a new read, check out my sister’s books! You can go to her Facebook page here and learn more about her various novels. I’m carrying Reaper around with me – it’s one of her more recent novels. It’s the sequel to Unbound, which I highly recommend reading! 


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